JT. Iva. Karen

         JT and Karen started RCG off as a business, but it quickly grew to become a family.  It is because of this family atmosphere that we decided to reserve 10% of net profits from our events to help three very special individuals.  In our eyes they are superheroes.  Each are fighting to defeat their own personal nemesis, all the while staying positive and thinking not of themselves, but of others first. Rhythmic Catalyst started off by supporting one of these superheroes, but in realizing that we could do more and make a bigger difference, we decided to expand and reach out to more individuals and help them in their fight against cancer.  As a result, the Rhythmic Catalyst Fight T.E.A.M. was created.  

         To us, they are the embodiment of Hope, Strength, and Courage.  Despite the tolls that their personal menaces may have taken on them, they never fail to exhibit these qualities and are an inspiration to us all.  RCG is proud to support these wonderful individuals and their families so they may continue to kick butt in their fights.





Iva Inez
Gina Fuller
Marvin Llavore




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